APPEL ENThe Foundation for the Promotion of the Mediterranean and Euro-Arab Dialogue (FDMEA) was created in 2013 in Geneva by personalities of European and Arab origin convinced of the urgent need to revive the European-Arab dialogue after the lack of progress in the Barcelona Process and the relative failure of the Union for the Mediterranean (UPM). In this period of doubts and divisions, the FDMEA wishes to encourage a vast consultation process involving the civil societies of the countries of the region.

To prepare the way for this dialogue without repeating the mistakes of the past, the Foundation advocates the drafting of a “White Paper by civil society on Euro-Arab cooperation”. This White Paper is intended to identify all sensibilities within the Euro-Arab region, and in particular to record the aspirations of the peoples, so as to provide impetus to new perspectives for cooperation. Entrusted to the Global Studies Institute (GSI) and supported by the University of Geneva, a preparatory study in anticipation of this White Paper is currently in the process of publication.