The document entitled « Civil society’s White Paper on Euro-Arab cooperation » is a recommendation of the Foundation for the Promotion of a Mediterranean and Euro-Arab Dialogue (FMEAD) for the purpose of promoting a vast process of Euro-Arab consultation involving the civil societies of all the countries of the region whilst avoiding past mistakes, and is based on a project which hinges on four different phases:

  1. September 2015 – April 2016: With the support of the Global Studies Institute (GSI) of the University of Geneva, an initial feasibility study on the advisability of such a White Paper is in the process of publication. Workshops have been organized in various Arab countries and discussions undertaken in numerous capitals to sound out the civil society actors likely to participate subsequently in the implementation of a White Paper.
  2. May 2016 – June 2016: On the basis of this preparatory study the FDMEA, working closely with the GSI, will set up a forum to cooperate with all the entities and institutions who wish to be associated with this undertaking and make their own contribution. At the same time, together with all the members of the forum, the FDMEA will set up an international commission composed of Arab and European personalities (pilot committee), whose task will be to supervise the work of the secretariat responsible for drawing up the White Paper. The GSI of the University of Geneva will assume responsibility for the White Paper secretariat.
  3. July 2016 – December 2017:  The drafting of the “Civil society’s White Paper on Euro-Arab cooperation” will be carried out over a period of eighteen months. The White Paper’s purpose will be to identify all the sensibilities present in the Euro-Arab area, in particular to draw together the aspirations of the various peoples, and thus provide the impetus necessary to open up new perspectives of Euro-Arab cooperation.
  4. January 2018 – December 2019: Based on the points and proposals contained in the White Paper, the FMEAD, in partnership with all the other members of the forum, intends to make all the useful contributions required to promote peace, stability and cooperation in the Euro-Arab zone, including, if appropriate, by means of a “Conference on Cooperation and Security between Europe and the Arab Countries(CSCEA)”.