Members of the Foundation

Hasni Abidi

Hasni Abidi is a political scientist and specialist of the Arab world. He holds a doctorate in political sciences from the University of Geneva and is Director of the Centre for Studies and Research in the Arab and Mediterranean World (CERMAN) in Geneva.

His work focuses on political developments in the Near East and in the Maghreb. Hasni Abidi runs a seminar at the Global Studies Institute (GSI) of the University of Geneva which deals with “The Mediterranean policy of the EU” and a course on “The geopolitics of the Middle East” within the framework of the University of Geneva’s Middle East Masters Programme.

Hasni Abidi is a consultant for several international institutions and foreign foundations.

He has conducted research mandates for UNESCO, UNCTAD, UNAOC, and ICRC. He is the author of several works on the region.

 Alain Clerc

Alain Clerc, is a former senior civil servant of the Swiss Confederation. He has been Director of the Fondation du Devenir and has occupied the post of Executive Secretary of the Digital Solidarity Fund. He was the initiator of the World Summit on the Information Society, promoter of the Independent Commission for Environment and Development, promoter of the World Climate Convention and of the Earth Summit. He has presided over the working group of the Basle Convention on cross-border movements of dangerous waste material. He is a consultant on international questions and adviser on international politics, and is also the Founding President of the Foundation for the Promotion of Mediterranean and Euro-Arab dialogue (FDMEA).

Michel Skaf

Michel Skaf, is a graduate in economics and political science from the University of Iowa in the United States. He is very much involved in the local life of the Bekaa Valley and the town of Zahlé in Lebanon. As Director of the biggest agricultural domain in Lebanon he supports numerous non-governmental associations, and is active in environmental protection and eco-tourism on both local and national levels. He founded and directs two companies in Beirut and Geneva in the field of satellite communications active throughout the world (BCom) and partners of the major telecommunications groups. He is also involved in large-scale real estate projects in Lebanon and Europe. Michel Skaf is a founding member and Vice-President of the Foundation for the Promotion of Mediterranean and Euro-Arab dialogue (FDMEA).

 Horst-Wolfram Kerll

Horst-Wolfram Kerll is a legal expert and holds a doctorate in international criminal law; he is a former lawyer and graduate in political science. He worked for the German Diplomatic Service for thirty four years in Bonn, Berlin, Budapest, Ankara, Geneva and Lisbon. He was German Ambassador in Asunción (2004-2007), and then in Tunis (2007-2012). Over all those years he covered political, above all human rights matters and cultural affairs. After having received high honours in other countries he was awarded the highest distinction for foreigners by  Tunisia after the revolution in 2011. In 2001 Horst-Wolfram Kerll initiated and established the ongoing «Euro-Arab Dialogue » for the German Foreign Office. He also proposed and promoted the German-Tunisian partnership programmes for change beginning 2011. Since retiring from the Diplomatic Service in 2012 he has been working as an independent political consultant.

He is a member of the Board of the Foundation for the Promotion of Mediterranean and Euro-Arab Dialogue (FDMEA).